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October 6, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 6

  1. Auburn: Don't look now, but Auburn's defense is starting to win games.
  2. Mississippi State: Two signature wins are over a team that has struggled defensively all year, and a team that looks suspiciously like they belong in the SEC East, but they have two signature wins.
  3. Ole Miss: That Bo Wallace was the better QB on the field Saturday is all you need to know about The Win.
  4. Alabama: Oh... that Lane Kiffin.
  5. Georgia: A stretch of six weeks away from Athens will tell us if UGA is Atlanta worthy or Nashville bound for bowl season.
  6. Texas A&M: I've been telling people their defense is going to cost them at some point. That point is the top of the SEC West.
  7. Arkansas: Nearly bye week bumped into the top six.
  8. LSU: Does Michigan grass taste like Louisiana grass?
  9. Kentucky: Wildcats running the Wildcat to beat the Gamecocks running chicken crap defense should have been the best lede of the week.
  10. Missouri: No bye week bumps for teams that lose to Indiana.
  11. Florida: Tennessee trolling Muschamp is my favorite Muschamp.
  12. Tennessee: Sylvester Croom had to be nodding his head in admiration at the Volunteer's offensive ineptitude Saturday.
  13. South Carolina: You have to wonder if Steve Spurrier regrets his "We have to throw the ball more" thoughts at halftime against Kentucky. 
  14. Vandy: Vandy's QB situation is a lot like Michigan's coaching situation, and they have injured QBs to prove it.
Realistically, I'd like to rank Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina tied for 13th, but math doesn't work that way.


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