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December 2, 2014

Georgia Bowl locale

The loss Saturday likely sent us from the Orange or Peach (both are now major bowls) to facing yet another Big Ten team in Florida....or worse.

Right now, the projections have us from the Citrus to the Music City Bowls, which are the range of the mid-level bowls for the SEC (teams 3-8). That is, of course, assuming Missouri doesn't gom up the works and put us all in a weird place of having the toughest conference left out of the CFB playoffs, which considering how this season has gone, we might end up with Missouri being declared National Champion.

Placing percentages on it...
Citrus Bowl (Orlando, FL) vs. Big Ten - 5 %
Outback Bowl (Tampa, FL) vs. Big Ten - 25%
Gator Bowl (Jacksonville, FL) vs. ACC/Big Ten - 20%
Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN) vs. ACC/Big Ten - 25%
Texas Bowl (Houston, TX) vs. Big 12 - 5%
Belk Bowl (Charlotte, NC) vs. ACC - 15%
Liberty Bowl (Memphis, TN) vs. Big 12 - 5%

We'll only go to the Citrus if there is some sort of crazy way for 2 SEC teams to make the playoffs, which clearly I don't beleive will happen. Missouri is going there unless for some reason the bowl selection committee tags them for the Cotton or Peach. I don't think we'll go to the bowls out West, as there are plenty of SEC teams that will travel better for those bowls. The hard part in considering the Belk, Music City, and Gator Bowls have to do with crowds. Tennessee is going to travel fairly well, considering this is their first bowl game in several years, which is why I think they'll get slotted to the Belk bowl for the conference's first year with them. South Carolina is another option there, for obvious reasons. We were in the Gator Bowl last year, so I think we'll not be there again.

That leaves Tampa on New Year's Day and Nashville on New Year's Eve December 301th as our best options. I've seen more than one projection with us facing Maryland in either game, so at least they are a new crappy Big Ten team to play.



noladawg said...

Just curious - are y'all gonna have any games for this weekend for the pick em? Thanks!

gullyterrier . said...

MD sucks. The bowl ties in stink as always. Why so many SEC v BIG 10?

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