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December 2, 2014

SEC Bowl pecking order

Let's work on a couple of assumptions. First, Alabama wins the SEC and gets into the CFB championship, playing in the Sugar Bowl. Second, the Orange Bowl takes Mississippi State as the non-playoff SEC, Big Ten/Norte Dame representative. Third, the conference sticks to it's recent past plan of getting intriguing...and winnable match ups for its members, where possible:

These three are basically decided by contract, with parameters. If the Orange doesn't take Mississippi State, it'll be because the Peach did.
Sugar: Alabama
Orange or Peach: Mississippi State (my money is on the Peach)
Citrus: Missouri

These bowls are slotted by the league in no particular order. The teams are eligible for these games based on their finishing order, but they are not slotted by their order. In other words, these bowls are all viewed generally the same by the league. In slotting them, I considered fan travel/$$ for the host cities and possible match ups.

Outback Bowl - Ole Miss
Gator Bowl - Georgia
Music City Bowl - Auburn
Belk Bowl - Tennessee
Texas Bowl - Texas A&M
Liberty Bowl - LSU

The last two games are the SEC's 'if eligible' games, with 12 teams eligible, SEC teams will go to both of these. One team will fill another confrence's slot in a random mid-December Bowl.

BBVA Bowl - South Carolina
Independence Bowl - Arkansas

Clearly, I'm picking Florida to be that team, playing some random bowl like the Catcus Bowl.

A couple of notes:

  • This isn't a wish list or anything. Just how I think it'll shake out. Right now, your guess is as good as mine, but.....I've heard the possibility of a UGA vs. Notre Dame match up in Jacksonville as a pre-view to the home and home series. Supposedly, those ACC Bowls are going to draw for the right to pick the Irish. Is it possible that has already happened? I also thought through which fans and who might travel, which is why I think UGA is going back to Jacksonville.
  • Texas A&M vs. Texas in the Texas Bowl. I still think it'll happen.
  • Our friends in Shreveport won't let Arkansas go past if they are still on the board, IMHO. Bossier City and Razorback fans were made for each other. The caveat there is if the SEC foists South Carolina or Florida on them
  • Florida fan isn't going to travel anywhere, so at this point, they are the better choice for a random one off at large spot in Arizona or Detroit.
What are your thoughts?


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