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September 13, 2015

Some pre-Gamecock Nuggets

by Paul Westerdawg (yes, I still have a password here)

I'm almost done freaking about our QB's elongated decision making process. Watching him go through his progressions is like watching a pregnant woman order cupcakes at the Sugar takes a while.

That said, there's plenty of good news for this week.  Let's start with the fact that Gamecocks are ranked 13th in the SEC in Rush Defense at 207 yards allowed per game.  As a point of comparison, UGA is 5th in rush defense at 75 yards per game allowed. We allow 2.31 yards per rush and they allow over 5.8 yards per rush.

Granted, these are very small sample sets and UK/UNC are better than ULM/Vandy.  But still...the SC numbers would be dramatically worse if Larry Fedora wasn't a dumbass.  But I digress.

Neither team has a great pass defense which is a non-issue as neither team can throw it worth a far.

We're running the ball at a 264 yards per game clip to their 224 yards per game.  We're going to go into this game to do what we do. If we don't turn the ball over and we get the QB play from the 2nd half of the Vandy game (Lambert finished throwing 11 for 13 after his 0-8 start), we'll win handily.  If not, it'll be our typical Gamecock nerve wrecker.

You looking for an intriguing matchup?  SC has allowed 1 punt return so far, and it was for negative 1 yards.  It will be interesting to see strength vs strength when they kick to McKenzie.



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