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October 11, 2015

Jeremy Pruitt is Mark Richt's best idea

Just so we're all clear.  Jeremy Pruitt is positioned as Mark Richt's best idea in years. He let Jeremy pick his defensive staff and had a heavy hand in the strength program selections.

And in 3 of the last 5 losses since he arrived, the loss was heavily and squared only Jeremy Pruitt's defense.  It was Pruitt who refused to adjust in the Florida game and allowed an incompetent Florida offense to run for over 400 yards while running the same exact play 20+ times.

It was Pruitt's defense who gave up yard after yard after yard to Georgia Tech.

And it was Pruitt's defense who gave up a 21 point lead, allowed 38 points to an incompetent offense and made their QB look like a Heisman winner on Saturday.

If that's your best idea in years, then maybe it's time to look for another source of ideas. the category of bad ideas.  Brian Schottenheimer is completely underwhelming. He basically has Grantham's resume. He's a middle of the pack at best, nondescript NFL cast off without a single moment on his resume where you look and say "Wow, look at what that guy did with that team."  If his last name was Jenkins, he wouldn't be here.

I don't want Mark Richt to leave. I want him to win championships and stay here forever. But he isn't doing that. With a Vol program in shambles and the Gators crumbling, what have we done to make hay?

I don't want to replace Richt because the odds are 80-90% that our first hire to replace him will not be as good as Richt.  There have probably been 150-200 coaches hired and fired at BCS schools since Mark arrived.  UGA has been in the top 10-15 in terms of winning percentage over that time span. He isn't terrible.  He's just not good enough to win SEC or National titles on any kind of regular or quasi regular basis.

It's going to suck replacing him.  But at what point do we just say...this isn't enough?  I'm pretty much at that point.  The only thing slowing my anger is the belief that Greg McGarity is in no way shape or form equipped to hire a great coach.

It's been a fun run with Mark, and he has profited handsomely from our patience.  He will have made in excess of $40-45 million by the time his contract ends. 15 years and $40 million is enough time to know what we're dealing with.

I'm bummed to say it, but if the program moves on without him.  Then I'm fine with it.  If he wins the SEC East this year, and stays around. I'm fine with that too.  But my patience has worn beyond thin.


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