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July 18, 2017

When Narrative is So Loud

A little fun with stats:

QB freshman season stats:
PASSING              GP   Effic Cmp-Att-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Lng Avg/G
Random Fr QB         13  108.99 135-256-13   52.7 1749   7  53 134.5
So, you bench his ass, right? Start the next freshman in line. The New Guy looks better, loves the game more, is picking up the system really good, works so hard in the weight room, bleeds red and black, ect.

So what about Random So QB?
PASSING              GP-GS   Effic Cmp-Att-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Lng Avg/G
Random Soph QB       13-13  128.92 194-348-10   55.7 2523  19  84 194.1
Of course, you had no choice but to play him, because your recruiting philosophy dictated you didn't have too many QBs on campus at one time (which, to be fair, was the predominant recruiting philosophy of the time).

You probably know these stats are for Matt Stafford. His freshman season, we lose to Kentucky, Vandy, (National Champion) Florida, and Tennessee. That Sophomore season? Georgia loses to South Carolina in a Fair Bryant special, then to Tennesse...OMG ARIAN FOSTER JUST RAN FOR SEVEN MORE YARDS. That team finished 11-2.

What say you about Mr. Eason?
PASSING              GP-GS   Effic Cmp-Att-Int   Pct  Yds  TD Lng Avg/G
Jacob Eason          13-12  120.25  204-370-8   55.1 2430  16  77 186.9
Well, crap. Those stats look a lot more like Stafford's sophomore season, save average per attempt and per completion, but narrative dictates it is time to start Fromm. I realize it isn't an apples to apples comparison, per se, but you can make the argument that Staff had a better offensive line in year 1 than Eason did.

All this is to say, expectations are a bitch to over come. I'm not willing to say Fromm doesn't play, or for that matter doesn't take the job from Eason. However, anyone saying Fromm should be given the job because Eason isn't what he was billed to be doesn't have my attention.


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