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June 24, 2005

UGA vs. Georgia Tech Tickets (3 game mini-pack info)

The time is now Dawg Fans! Fill Mark Richt Stadium at Historic Grant Field with Red for 2005. UGA vs. GT 3 game minipacks are now on sale to people who've done prior business with GT.

If you have ever ordered a 3 game minipack in the past OR
If you have ever ordered a full season tix package from GT

Then you can go ahead and call GT's Ticket Office and order the 3 game pack for this year. The phone number is 888-TECH-TIX.

Price is $106 per 3 game pack. The pack includes the UGA game, NC State (Thursday Night ESPN) and Wake Forest. It was extremely considerate of Dave Braine, athletic director at GT, to include the Wake Forest game given that it's UGA's off week.

They won't let you select exactly what section you're going to sit in. HOWEVER, you can request general areas. The UGA band will be sitting near section 129 and 130. Regardless, you know that you're going to be sitting near Dawg Fans as we'll have 40-50% of the tickets by game time.

If you have never ordered a 3 game pack or season tix pack from GT in the past, then you will be able to order the 3 game pack online on July 1 online

BTW -- 3 Game mini-pack customers should have gotten an email with a password that lets you order online now. But apparently, not all previous customers got it.

Good luck and Go Dawgs.

Note: Rumors surrounding an offer of 3 tickets, 2 cokes and a dime bag of pot autographed by Reuben Houston are false. Gailey will be the one doing the autographs.


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