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August 18, 2005

Boise State Defense Explained

The Idaho Statesman (which is a newspaper, not a person) explains Boise's defense. Basically, they are hell bent on stopping the run. At all costs.

[Photo: Boise's cheerleading captain gears up for the season]

Richt hinted at this during the Atlanta Bulldog Club meeting. He said Boise is the only team that he's seen in many, many years that puts all 9 non-cornerbacks into the box 6 yards from the line of scrimmage on virtually every play. They are going to line up and dare you to run the football. In order to loosen that up, our WRs are going to have to make big plays.

That means that Shockley can't throw a heat seeking missle for a simple 10 yard comebacker and have our shaky WRs drop passes that might've been caught if Shock didn't try to break their hands with the ball. It means that our WRs need to start making plays.

The good news is that Louisville ran the ball for 329 yards and threw it for 200+ more yards vs. Boise. If it weren't for Lville turning the ball over, Boise would not have even been in the game. You would like to think that we can run the ball at least as well as Louisville.

If we execute our offense, we should blow them out. If we turn it over, this will be a very uncomfortable game.

By Paulwesterdawg


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