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August 11, 2005

Comparing UGA vs. South Carolina Facilities

Stumbled into this. Not only is Spurrier trying to recruit with a half baked program on probation in a state with limited depth of talent. His facilities are a also a joke compared to what he had at UF. Look at Bulldog vs. Gamecock Facilities below.

UGA Locker room:
Tradition Becomes New Again

Butts-Mehre Administrative Building
Nobody beats our Butts!

Main Team Meeting Room
It's not the Four Seasons. But it's nice.

Entrances to Position Meeting Rooms
Hallway leading into the meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are plush like the main room.

Compare the above to the Gamecock Facilities:

Gamecock Position Meeting Rooms:
Meeting room or bomb shelter?
Snazzy, but where's the wood paneling?
Super Fly Concrete

Gamecock Main Team Meeting Room
Spurrier Holds Court Here?

Gamecock Locker Room Lobby:
Nothing Says Aaron Rents quite like this

Gamecock Locker Room:
Siberian Prisons are nicer
Vanilla + Drab = Underwhelming
Cheap-O Ceiling Panels = Success.

Facilities don't win football games. But you have to ask yourself if you're a Gamecock I want to attend a school that treats players in such a low rent, white walls, bread and water fashion? Or do I want to play for a program that makes sure players are surrounded by a few of the nicer things in life?

The deck is incredibly stacked against Spurrier's long term success.


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