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August 26, 2005

Georgia Tech to Announce 2005 Team Slogan tomorrow

GT will announce their new 2005 Team Slogan at Fan Day tomorrow. According to Tech Sources, "the students-athletes themselves coined this year's motto and trust me here....THEY BEELIEVE IN IT!"

The Georgia Sports Blog's investigative team (81Dog, Mike Floyd, Saxon Dawg, Ugas Home and myself) has been working the phones all afternoon to provide you with the most up to date coverage on this hot topic. We have now seen the final list of slogans. And we know the winner. BEEhold....

The Finalists:
"We have a Johnson, but we don't know how to use it."

"GT Football: Smoke 'em if you've got 'em."

"GT Football -- Count on it." (Reggie Ball's suggestion)

"You Can't Spell CHEAT without TECH"

"Welcoming Rival Fans By the Thousands."

"We Bee Stoned!"

"Houston, We've Got a Problem"

"The Starship Chanterprise--Boldly Going to Bowls where No Team Has Gone Before"

"Tech's new logo, now available on wrist bracelets and the special Reuben Houston ankle bracelet."

"Good Seats Still Available."

"Hard on the Heart, but easy on the Wallet."

"GT Football. It's Smoking BayBEE."

"GT Football -- Tickle This."

"Big Slide Rule. Little Me."

"Bee There or Bee a Square Root."

"Your key to Thursday night entertainment"

"GT Football: When we say "home grown," we aren't talking about talent."

"Tech Football: Please keep off the Grass."

"GT Football -- 3 Downs and a cloud of smoke"

"It Ain't Cheatin If You Don't Get Caught"

"We're A Hell Of An Engineer (our athletes aren't but we don't talk about that)"

"GT Football. A Proud Tradition Of Blue Turf Bowls"

"Drug Free GT! (we only distribute)"
GTU Football: ACC Mathmatical Elimination Fever: Catch It!

GTU Football: What Time Can You Get Here?

GTU Football: Half Baked. Fully Chantastic.

GTU Football: Still Better Than Being In A Car Wreck

GTU Football: The Few. The Deluded. The Jackets.

GTU Football: Come For the Street Carnival, Stay For the Chance to Sit With 35,000 UGA Fans

GTU Football: 15,000 Fans, 10,000 Shades of Yellow

GTU Football: It's Stink, errrr, Sting Time.

GTU Football: We Havent Lost To Furman in 20 Years


"Georgia Tech:
America's Hardest Hitting Football Program"


Anonymous said...

GT Football: "Don't Worry. We Don't Go To School Here, Either."

Anonymous said...

GT Football: "Catch The Buzz."

Anonymous said...

GT Football: "You Bring Your Smoking Jacket, and We'll Bring Ours"

Anonymous said...

GT Football: "A-C-C. Easy as 1-2-4."

Anonymous said...

ur slogans suckk lol no joke

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