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August 25, 2005

South Carolina to Implement Run-N-Punt

Forget the Fun-N-Gun, Bandit Ball and the Cock-N-Fire. Spurrier has a new idea.

Tuesday's scrimmage for the Gamecocks was a debacle. Highlights from's article:
The dismal showing in the passing game — USC quarterbacks were a combined 18-for-51 for 151 yards with three interceptions — had Spurrier thinking about abandoning his trademark aerial attack for more of a Lou Holtz approach.

“We’ve had some real ugly offensive scrimmages. Don’t know if we’ve had one quite as ugly as tonight. It was a struggle tonight,” Spurrier said.

If the vertical passing game does not improve before the Sept. 1 opener against Central Florida, Spurrier said he might try to find a winning formula with the running game, special teams and defense.

“Hopefully, I’m smart enough not to try to throw. If we can’t throw, we’ll run up the middle and punt. And if our defense can play this well, if we can win 13-10, that’s what we’ll do to try to win. But we can’t go out there and throw it right to the other team.”

Yeah, Spurrier's going to hang half a hundred on Georgia all right. lol.


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