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August 12, 2005

UGA Bulldog Dorms for Athletes (and others)

UGA recently completed the new East Campus Village project. It is a $70 million facility that houses 1,200 students. Among those are 200-300 athletes.

The facility is "part ski lodge, part corporate board room, part Fireside Lounge" and part apartment complex (click photo to enlarge).

The facilities located next door to the East Campus Village include:
Ramsey Center — A $45 million fitness mall that rivals downtown as a place to meet people. Nation’s best on-campus workout facility, ­according to Sports Illustrated.

East Village Commons — As food courts go, this one ­deserves five stars for both its food and its architecture (see GM cover).

East Campus parking deck — Parking’s generally a headache on campus, but not at ECV.

Health Center — Yet another nationally recognized facet of East Campus life.

The facility includes 2 bedroom / 1 bath furnished apartments, 2 BR/2BA furnished apartments, and 4 BR/2BA furnished apartments. It's available to upperclassmen non-athletes, athletes and other students.

This facility is the nuclear weapon of recruiting. It allows us to house our athletes in premium apartments that are nicer than the places some of these kids grew up in. All while remaining in compliance with the NCAA's rule that says athletes can't occupy more than 49% of any dorm.

For more information and pics from the East Campus Village click here.

Click to enlarge.

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