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September 22, 2005

Around the Football Blogosphere

Some things I've been reading...mostly dealing with last week.

Let's get things started with a look at one of America's most important football blogs. Yes, that's right the Professional Cheerleader Blog. You know what's wrong with that blog? Nothing. That's what. Great photo from their site (click to enlarge)

Now, where was I. Oh, yeah...StraightBangin has a great weekend recap. The many faces of Dave Wannstedt starts things off and closing with his Vandy commentary is very strong.

R.D. Baker brings the Big 12 into focus in his Cheap Seats recap.

Words don't properly express capture EDSBS's commentary on Rich Brooks at UK. You'll just have to read it.

Spartan Tailgate brings us Things safer than a Michigan Spartan lead. HT to Brian.

Good stuff.


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