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September 18, 2005

Dawg Walk Observations: Guys who didn't dress out

By now everyone knows that Bailey, Pope, Thomas Brown and Jarvis Jackson didn't play in this one due to various reasons. I noticed four other guys at the Dawg Walk that didn't dress for the game.

Mike Moore (WR) - true Freshman. If you don't dress for the ULM game you're either hurt or a definite lock to redshirt.

Donovan Bailey (DB) - true freshman. He's going to redshirt. No shocker.

Marquis Elmore (12th Year JR) - Is he hurt? I noticed that he was in shorts and a jersey before the game just like T. Brown, Moore and Baldwin.

Kade Weston (DT) - true freshman. I still think he has a shot to play if he can get healthy, and if we have injuries at DT.

One other Dawg Walk observation. Marcus Washington is barely 6'0". I'm really high on the kid, but he's not noticably taller than Jemario Smith who is listed at 5'10".


Lewis06 said...

This was my first Dawg Walk. It was ok. I didn't quite know what to expect. I missed the recruits, but I called out all the players names I could.

The event is shorter than I imagined. Next time I won't stand near the band.

that kid in cackalacky said...

How tall was Tony Gilbert? Height at LB is extremely overrated.

paulwesterdawg said...

i wasn't saying it was a bad thing that washington is short. And the Gilbert comparison is dead on.

I was just saying that is a bit suprised that he wasn't any taller than he was.

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