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September 23, 2005

Extremely Belated Blog Poll Ballot

Yeah, I didn't get my ballot in on time. It was a zoo this week. Here's the full poll results for Week 4.

My unsubmitted Ballot would look something like this:
1 Southern Cal
2 Texas
3 Louisiana State
4 Florida
5 Georgia
6 Virginia Tech
7 Ohio State
8 Louisville
9 Purdue
10 Iowa
11 Tennessee
12 Miami (Florida)
13 Florida State
14 Texas Tech
15 Georgia Tech
16 Alabama
17 Oregon
18 Auburn
19 Arizona State
20 Michigan State
22 Notre Dame
23 Michigan
24 Virginia
25 Vanderbilt

Dropping Out:
Boston College (19), Colorado (24), Clemson (25)

New Teams:
Michigan State (20), UCLA (21) and Vandy (25)

Now, let me defend a few picks.
Vandy - As someone else pointed out before I lost the link to their web site, Vandy has beaten three teams from BCS conferences (Wake, Arkansas and Ole Miss). Two of those wins are on the road. What other team can say that? Not Colorado. Not Cal. Not BC.

Michigan State - And to think that Brian wanted to boot the MSU blogger for having MSU ranked higher than Michigan pre-season. That's crazy talk no more my friend. I know that there is no transient property in football. But this early, I did want to rank MSU over ND and ND over Michigan.

Michigan - This isn't a Top 20 football team. I'll believe otherwise when I see it.

Oregon - I can't justify this pick. I really can't. I'm going with Gut.

UVA - I could've gone with Cal, but they haven't beaten anyone.

FSU over Miami - Yes. I think if they play again that Miami wins. FSU isn't long for this high of a ranking either way.



Kyle King said...

I don't know if I'm the one who convinced you, but my argument for ranking Vandy may be found at

paulwesterdawg said...

yeah. it was you. I couldn't remember.

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