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September 21, 2005

Mississippi State and Starkville Tidbits

When you look at the pre-game UGA vs. MSU stats, one unusual thing pops off the page -- Georgia and Mississippi State have only met 19 times. More shockingly, Georgia has only traveled to Starkville 4 times to play this SEC conference foe. UGA leads the all-time series 14-5, and we hold a 3-1 edge in games played in Starkville.

With so little familiarity between the two schools, what can Georgia fans expect on their trip to Starkville? Skip Bertman, current LSU Athletic Director and former baseball coach, is attributed to have the best quotes on the topic:
"Starkville is Indian for Trailer Park." - Skip Bertman

"Everytime I go to Starkville I ask for a room without a view." - Skip Bertman

"NASA is moving the space program to Starkville because it has no atmosphere." - Skip Bertman

"Who is the Loneliest Person is Starkville? The Tooth Fairy." - Smoke Laval, current LSU baseball coach.

Most Georgia fans (including this one) have never made the trek to Starkville as UGA has only been there in 1996, 1988, 1982 and 1951. We have played in Atlanta (2x), Jackson (3x) and Athens (10x).

As a point of comparison, Georgia has played Furman (23x), Mercer (22x), Tulane (25x), UNC (30x) and UVA (19x). The only SEC school that we have played less is Arkansas (10x); although, we've oddly enough played Arkansas in 7 different cities. (I must point out that the Furman and Mercer games were pre-1950).

Stark (adj.)
1. Bare or blunt.
2. Complete or utter; extreme: stark poverty; a stark contrast.
3. Harsh; grim.



Anonymous said...

Paul Finebaum also had a quote: He said that Starkville is "the K-Mart of the SEC".

paulwesterdawg said...

About the 2 games in Atlanta. "Deepsnap" from the Hive found the info. They were doubleheaders with GT in 1959 and 1961.

Oct 17, 1959

Miss St-0

Oct 21, 1961

Miss St-7

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