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September 8, 2005

SEC Scheduling News

South Carolina and UNC announced a 2 game series today. The Gamecocks will travel to Chapel Hill, N.C. to face the Tar Heels on Oct. 13, 2007. The return date at Williams-Brice Stadium is set for Sept. 18, 2010. This isn't the neutral site series that Spurrier wanted. But it's solid.

Additionally, Alabama is apparently serious in talking with Georgia Tech about a series. Bama already has a 2 game deal with Duke on the books (1 in Tuscaloosa and one in a Neutral Site), and a one game deal with FSU in the works.

Stewart Mandel if has a good article on intersectional matchups (HT). The topic is obviously hot with the Ohio State vs. Texas slobberknocker this weekend

Mandel's article mentions some big upcoming series nationally including:
Ohio State vs. Southern Cal - 2008/2009
Ohio State vs. Miami - 2010/2011
Southern Cal vs. Nebraska - 2006/2007
Tennessse vs. Cal - 2006/2007
Oklahoma vs. Florida State - 2010/2011
Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame - 2012/2013

In addition to his list, here are some other non-rival OCC games of interest for SEC teams:
Alabama vs. Penn State - 2013/2014
Alabama vs. FSU - 2007 (pending TV contract resolution)
Auburn vs. Washington State - 2006
Arkansas vs. Southern Cal - 2005/2006
Georgia vs. Colorado - 2006/2010
Georgia vs. Arizona State - 2008/2009
LSU vs. Arizona - 2006 (return date from 2003)
LSU vs. Arizona State - 2005/2008 (Plus 1 more unpending)
Ole Miss vs. Wake - 2006/2008
Ole Miss vs. GT - 2010/2011
MSU vs. West Virginia - 2006/2007
Tennessee vs. Cal - 2006/2007
Tennessee vs. UCLA - 2008/2009
Tennessee vs. NCSU - 2008/2012
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