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October 19, 2005

Hoops News: Kansas, UNC, Duke...and Georgia???

I'm. Going. To. Speak. Slowly. So. We. Can. All. Have. Time. To. Digest. This.

FoxSports says the class that enrolled this Fall was one of the Top 5 classes in the country. Yes, that's right. Even without Louis Williams.

[Photo: Dennis Felton pledges his soul to Satan in exchange for mystical recruiting powers unseen in Athens since....well....since...never. Photo from]


Hammer said...

I hope they're right. I'm so ready for the Dawgs to be good in basketball again. Winter is so damn boring when all you have is recruiting to keep you interested.

Tennvolchamp said...

I'm not ready for college basketball talk. It's too depressing because the Vols suck and suck and suck. (Thank goodness for Lady Vols). I wouldn't mind other SEC programs getting better frankly - I get tired of Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Mich State, etc. every year. And I can't stand that chest puffed Gaytor coach.

Nathan said...

The Vols got a huge commit for 2006 in Lance Crews, so you only got one more season of "suck, suck, sucking" to go. Listing UGA as one this year's top 5 classes is nutso talk though.

The bonus of being a GT fan is that there is always a good team to watch during whichever college season is going on (football, basketball, baseball). While only the baseball team is a consistent national power, the others are respectable and worth watching. I can't imagine spending the entire basketball season with my head in the sand just waiting for the fall again.

Nathan said... top 25 classes for 2005. UGa isn't listed. I have absolutely no idea what on earth Fox was smoking in writing that article.

Newspaper Hack said...

First, the Vols men's team will always suck. It's prolly the only men's team in the country that can't draw more fans than the women's team. On the UGA front, I'm surprised, but not shocked. Still, the smart money (as always) is on that craptastic school Kentucky.

GDawg said...

Hey Nathan, how many National Championships did Tech win last year? Did Georgia not beat Tech's best ever hoops team awhile back? Knock them out of the CWS recently as well? Funny, I've never seen any 'bonus' to being a Tech fan... and I guess I still don't.

And the hoops article was referring to IMPACT FRESHMEN coming out of the most recent recruiting class. I mean, wow... I thought Tech fans were supposed to be, like, all smart or something?

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