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November 17, 2005


Well GT, take that and shove it right up your ivory towered rectum. The NCAA just slapped the ever living piss out of Georgia Tech.

They have to forfeit EVERY game from 1998-2004 that the 11 ineligible players participated. In addition, the NCAA threw out the self imposed bullcrap retroactive sanctions that GT proposed. They are losing 6 scholarships this year, and next year.

What a wonderful blessed DAY. That makes FOURTEEN IN A ROW BAYBEE.

As theDawgFather said on DawgRun. Tech was cheating and STILL only beat us 3 of 6. lol.


INDIANAPOLIS --- The NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions has placed the Georgia Institute of Technology on two years probation and vacated records in several sports after the school improperly certified academically ineligible student-athletes to compete.

The violations and penalties involve the sports of football, men's and women's track and field and women's swimming between the 1998-99 and 2004-05 academic years. The committee also adopted a number of scholarship reductions self-imposed by the institution.
In one case, 17 of a student-athlete's 24 hours did not count toward a degree. Another used 12 non-degree-applicable courses in two consecutive years. There were also several examples of nine or 10 non-degree courses being used in a single year.

In addition, six student-athletes were allowed to count courses for which they received grades of D, even though their majors required a C to count toward graduation.

"Many of these student-athletes were prominent members of the team, including multiple-year starters who had received conference and national recognition for their athletic performances,” Marsh said.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you know what this means right?

UGA now holds a 14 game winning streak over Tech.
They haven't lost in a fair and square since 1990!

Doug said...

As someone who attended that fateful "overtime" game in Atlanta back in 1999, for whom Jasper Sanks's non-fumble became the Inigo Montoya moment from whence he forever wished destruction, misfortune, and any number of horrible venerial diseases on Tech and all its supporters, it's taking me every ounce of self-control I've got to keep from breaking out in a big ol' Tommy Tuberville-patented s#@t-eating grin right now.

Somewhere in the vicinity of Bristol, Conn., Jim Donnan is polishing off a bottle of Wild Turkey and nailing a hooker.

Nathan said...

Clough and Braine have a lot of explaining to do, as does the University of Georgia system as a whole that bugled the whole "quarters to semesters" move worse than anyone could imagine.

Was Tech knowingly cheating? No, it's pretty obvious they weren't. Was the academic staff and the Registar especially completely incompetant and screw over a number of students (non-athletes got the stick up the butt as well)? Quite certainly.

Tech was stupid and thought the NCAA would look at the nature of the matter instead of fighting it right off the bat. What happened at USC was much, much worse and yet received a far lighter punishment. I expect Tech to appeal this and probably have the "vacated" games put back in the record books, but it's still a huge black eye.

And lets not pretend that these guys were just skating by taking crap that counts as "working towards your major" at UGA. One of these guys in inelligible for taking Physics instead of Biology because he didn't know that one was now an "elective" and the other counted towards the major. That's pretty bush league, quite frankly - but it also speaks volumes about how badly our ivory tower academians screwed up the transition year.

paulwesterdawg said...

Nathan, that's not really true. Read the press release again.

"In one case, 17 of a student-athlete's 24 hours did not count toward a degree."

Note, it didn't say towards an engineering degree. It says towards "a degree." He wasn't on track to graduate with anything.

Another used 12 non-degree-applicable courses in two consecutive years.

That's not like taking physics instead of biology.

There were also several examples of nine or 10 non-degree courses being used in a single year.

That just electives bro. And it lasted for 7 frigging years. Almost 3 years AFTER the NCAA warned tech to self investigate the first time.

And you know it almost HAD to be Joe Hamilton b/c there weren't 5 guys from '98-04 that got "national recognition." It was play makers.

Nathan said...

I'm sure one of them is Little Joe (probably "Student Athlete #6" in the report). And yes, I'm sure several of them were frontloading on elective hours and avoiding the required mathematics that every degree at GT has, heck there's tons of kids at Tech that put off Calculus as long as possible.

I was in school at GT during this timeframe, and I knew several kids who ended up having to spend an extra semester or year in school because it got so hosed up.

I cannot even begin to explain how badly our academic administration and registrar screwed up the quarter to semester conversion. It defies logic that it could have been managed as poorly as it was.

I do not believe this is intentional academic fraud. I do believe this is a serious lack of institutional structure and responsibility that goes far outside of the football program. The athletic side is the only place it has become public, but GT's administration really boggles the mind at times. It's one of the 3 elite engineering schools in the country, but it seems to be run by brain dead bumpkins a good portion of the time.

paulwesterdawg said...

Nathan. Converting to semesters wouldn't affect players that weren't in school when things were on quarter systems.

Come on bro.

Nathan said...

The problem was that when GT converted to semesters, many advisors and the registrar were still operating as if it was a quarter based system - and thus wrongly advising students in class choices and hour requirements for timely graduation.

Yes, it's a titanic fuckup. It's one that people associated with the school have known about for a while, it just happened to finally be made public through the athletic department.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, go back to your tickle pile and quit trying to engineer some senseless "logic" that'll make you feel better...Paul, give 'em hell! And keep up the good work...this is fun seeing as I work with about 400 Trekkies...

Nathan said...

Anon, go check out The Hive right now - you'll find that nearly to a man Tech fans are upset with our administration for this.

I would not be against a state board of education investigation into gross misconduct by the Registrar's office. The Institute is infamous for screwing up academic records and screwing over students. As someone said, "Name one student who hasn't been given the shaft by Tech. The Hill prides itself on ineptitude and inconsistency."

This is a long standing institutional problem that has finally come to a head in the public field of athletics.

Tech is an excellent academic school with a fine reputation in research and graduate work. It also is run by a group of people who couldn't care less about things like "organization" and "responsibility".

I'm not trying to argue away the problem (it's very real), but the focus is on the athletic department when it really should be on The Hill and the piss poor job they are doing.

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