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November 21, 2005

Gailey Should Win National Coach of the Year

I don't know why they are even bothering to vote this year. Forget Weis at Notre Dame. Forget Mack Brown. Forget Mike Shula. Chan Gailey should win Coach of the Year in a landslide.

Why you ask. Because took a program that hadn't won a game since 1997, and now they are 7-3. Hell, that makes him one of the best coaches in history.

Bryant at Texas A&M and Alabama. Yeah, turning them around was impressive.
Synder at Kansas State. Not shabby.
Barnett at Northwestern. Impressive, but not Chantastic.

No my friends. After 7 long years without a single win on the books, Georgia Tech has entered victory lane 7 times this year. The ChanWagon is now full.


paulwesterdawg said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that this article was my brother's idea. But since he's a douchebag and doesn't read this blog to annoy me, he'll never know the difference either way.

Anonymous said...

This is actually quite funny.

Chantastic...I like it.


Newspaper Hack said...

And I thought Bama going 1-10 with a bowl victory over UNC was bad in '93. Winless for seven years. That must smart -- like a yellow jacket sting.

mattgt said...

You know, we still have the seven wins in 2003.

Seth said...

It would appear, judging from JacketKey's comments, that a sense of humor is not required for admission into Tech. Also, respect and good manners are alive and well in the A-T-L.

Go Dawgs!

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