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November 3, 2005

Georgia Tech Announces: Rock Bottom Prices! SALE! SALE! SALE!

(Photo: Crazy Dave Braine has got your tickets!!!)

(Source: JM)

ATLANTA -- Georgia Tech recently announced that they are slashing prices on their Wake Forest game ticket inventory! Everything MUST BE SOLD!

"It's Crazy Dave Braine here and we're cutting costs and making dreams come true at the GTAA. Slashing prices! Everything must go! Making Deals! Wake Forest tickets...formerly $32.00. Now SLASHED!! Crazy Dave is rolling back prices to $15.00. It's 1950s Throwback Prices. All the nostalgia of pre-face mask Tech relevance only without the pesky crowds!!!" said Dave Braine, Georgia Tech Athletic Director.

Braine continued. "But wait. There's MORE! Act now and we'll throw in FOUR tickets, FOUR cokes, FOUR hot dogs and FOUR roundtrip airline tickets to your home country! But that's not all. I, Crazy Dave will PERSONALLY wash your Pinto while you're at the game!"

"You can't find a better deal on a college football game in Fulton County this weekend! I GUARANTEE IT! I WON'T BE UNDERSOLD!!!!"

Georgia Tech officials suggested that people unwilling to make a $15.00 offer should make a suggestion for a "fair market price." Bulk deals and other discounts may be available. Game times are flexible.


Nathan said...

Ok, that made me laugh.

Dan said...

What Nathan said.

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