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November 29, 2005

Good News. Dewberry Qualifies

Darius Dewberry scored a 19 ACT and an 820 on his SAT -- Source:

Dewberry is a 5 star linebacker with the speed, size combo that we desperately need. He doesn't project to enroll early.

In the article, Hargrave's coach *gushes* over Dewberry's abilities.

On the downside, Josh Johnson isn't coming back. Josh was suspended for some games down at GMC. Apparently, he didn't fulfill his commitment to Richt to get his act together so he's not re-enrolling. Glad Richt stuck to his guns.


Ryno said...

sounds like it will take quite an effort to keep this guy on track in the classroom.

I hope the staff is ready to help him out.

Nathan said...

820 on the 1600 or the new 2400 point scale? I'm still not sure what on earth is reporting in some cases, with the changes made to the SAT.

paulwesterdawg said...

it's the 1600 point scale. We asked scott kennedy the same thing.

82 said...

I also am glad to see CMR stick to his guns. Micah Johnson choose KY too, another loss for Ga even though Josh Johnson was a wasted recruit from Day 1, but hey, cant win'em all!

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