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November 28, 2005

Recap: GT vs.UGA

Random musings. Fast break style.

-- Demario Minter just made himself very rich. Calvin Johnson had 2 catches on the night, and one of them was nabbed off Paul Oliver.

-- Best line of the day came from an architect sitting with a friend of mine. On the topic of Bobby Dodd Stadium: "This place looks like something Frank Lloyd Wright shat."

-- The entire game plan looked to me a battle of wills. It was as if Gailey said "I'm going to be patient and I'm going to work my way down the field without turing the ball over and beat UGA."

Whereas Richt/Martinez must have said, "Tech is not going to beat us with Calvin Johnson and big plays. We're going to avoid the big plays, play Calvin tough as nails, keep GT in front of us, and force them to drive 65-80 yards and convert 6 to 8 third downs per drive to beat us. We don't think that they can do that without screwing up so we will win." We blitzed just enough to make it work.

Richt/Martinez were right. The penalties and turnovers KILLED Tech's offense.

-- Shocked GT didn't try to hit Calvin more. Somewhat shocked that we continue to catch the ball so poorly in Game 11. Bummed that Inman was injured so early and that Shackleford is still so clueless. Glad that we won.

-- It was lucky for the Dawgs that it was cold. A hot night like that with GT's time of possession in the second half, and we would've been in much more trouble.

-- Our RBs picked up the blitz pretty well. Given how much Tech blitzed, I didn't feel like it affected our passing game that much. What killed us were dropped passes. Sure, GT altered the timing of some of DJ's passes and tipped some balls, but if we catch the ball, we win by 14-17 points.

-- Tech had a good showing in the stands. It was the biggest percentage of GT fans to UGA fans since I've been attending the games in BDS 95-2005. That said, with GT fans not wearing anything resembling gold, the only way that I knew they were GT fans was them standing pre-game for the fight song. Just under 20k Georgia fans?

-- I have no idea where our QB draw went. I have no idea why we can't run the swing pass to the RB to slow down the blitz. I have no idea why we can't execute a screen pass to save our lives. I have no idea why we didn't roll the pocket, or why we decided to turn DJ into a pocket passer for this game. But it's annoying.

-- More Lumpkin next week.

-- Overall, our coaches put together a plan that was a winner. As Richt said at halftime, "We have to do a better job of throwing and catching." If we can EVER get that hitched up, we'll be fine. When we weren't dropping balls, we looked good.


Anonymous said...

Re. Rolling the pocket. It seemed like they were blitzing off the corner too much to risk a big loss by rolling out to one side. We max protected often and still had open recievers on every down. Good game plan, but we've got to catch the ball.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More Lumpkin please....

Dan said...

I was surprised that he quieted down as much as he did in the second half. While we did a better job of stopping him, he still had some nice runs.

For a while there I thought it was about to be Vernon Hayes MarkII on the flats.

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