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December 13, 2005

College Hoops Bloggers Needed

If you're a college hoops blogger of note, please drop me a note in the comments field so that I can start visiting and linking to your blogs more often.

I'm especially interested in SEC hoops blogs, but quality NCAA blogs are great too. Funny takes appreciated.




Dan said...

Not of note and clearly not SEC, but I'll be covering a good bit of b-ball this year.


Tennvolchamp said...

After the football season from hell, I'll be doing some basketball but not much (as I don't anticipate seeing my Vols on TV too much). Although currently 5-0 I expect they'll come crashing to earth this Saturday when they travel to Austin to play the longhorns.

May have as much on the Lady Vols (usually our pride and joy this time of year) but that may be of little interest.

Steve said...

Check out my blog, were going to be talking hoops for another 4 months...

Steve said...

Oh yeah, that's

GT said...

I could probably help you out in this area. I'm a 100% football guy, but I can cover a little bball too. If anything it will prepare me for march madness. I'll give you some coverage tomorrow. Go DAWGS!


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