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December 18, 2005

Final Harris Poll: Belated Thoughts

A guy over on the free message board found this link, and I started tinkering with it. It's a link to each individual ballot from the final Harris Poll.

Here are some ballots of note to the Dawg Nation:
-- Ray Goff
(former UGA Coach and SEC Player of the Year)
Four things stick out regarding Ray's ballot. First, he has Georgia at #9, below West Virginia. Secondly, he has Notre Dame at #4. He has Fresno State ranked at all. Also, he has TCU at #11. Ray's ballot is as illogical as his clock management.

[Photo: When asked about his ballot he said, "Well Loran, we juss gotta work hard ta git butter."]

-- Dick Bestwick
(former Assistant AD at UGA, former UVA head coach)
Ranks Georgia #8 and GT #22. A very rational, mainstream ballot. I think he has Oregon a bit high, but otherwise. It looks good.

-- Homer Rice
(former GT Athletic Director)
God bless him. He has the Dawgs ranked #4. Only has Tech at #23.

-- Roy Kramer
(former SEC President)
Has a heavily pro-SEC biased ballot with UGA at #5, AU at #6, UA at #9, LSU at #11, UF at #15 and SC at #25. You almost have to laugh at a ballot that rigged. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But it's pretty over the top. Even I have trouble ranking the Dawgs over AU.

-- Bill Dooley
(Vince's brother. Former UNC Coach)
Only has Georgia ranked at #9. I have trouble with anyone ranking us below Miami, because I simply don't see the logic in that. But otherwise a pretty solid ballot. Hard to pick out any nutso biases.

-- Charles Johnson
(I have no idea who this guy is)
Ranks UGA at #14, VT at #9, TCU at #10, and my favorite Nebraska at #23. That's right 7-4 Nebraska who's biggest win of the year was over Iowa State is ranked on his ballot. If anyone knows who this guy is, please give me a heads up via the comments area. If he's related to Frank Solich, I'd love to know that as well.

[Photo: Jeff Owens is looking for Dr. Johnson. And when he finds out. Photo from]


Anonymous said...

Found this link for the pollster's affiliations:

Did a little research and found out this about Dr. Johnson:
Former New Mexico St QB who played in the NFL for the Cardinals.

"Dr. Charley Johnson, who also earned a master's in chemical engineering (1963) and a doctorate in science (1971) from Washington University in St. Louis, is currently a professor and academic department head of the chemical engineering department at NMSU. "

So a professor of eng and head of the dept has time to watch a lot of football games all across the country to distinguish what the teams should be ranked? This Harris Poll is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Why so hard to rank the dawgs over auburn? We looked like the better team. Gave them a few easy scores and they still needed a fourth and miracle. It's really not that hard to put us over auburn.

LD said...

Johnson also heads an athletics taskforce for NMSU, serves as a fundraiser for their athletic dept., and is the only person with his number retired at NMSU.

Luckily, New Mexico State is the single worst team in Div 1-A (and I doubt they'd come close to making the 1-AA playoffs).

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