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January 11, 2006

Dave Braine to Retire

After years of irritating the bowels of Georgia Tech fans everywhere, Dave Braine announced today that he is retiring because he has Crohn's disease. Braine will remain as athletic director until a successor is hired. Braine was praised by President Wayne Clough, who said "Dave Braine can be a great athletic director, but he will never do that consistently."

To soothe alumni stomachs upset by Emerald nuts

Who should replace Braine? Post your suggestions in the comments section. Terence Moore thinks Georgia Tech smells like Curry (presumably more than usual). My suggestion is to follow the yellow brick road in the opposite direction since having a Braine has primarily lead to probation and football humiliation:

Seriously, may Dave Braine have many years of post-retirement health.


paulwesterdawg said...

You forgot my favorite Braine/Homer Rice move. Not sending your compliance folks to NCAA training except for once over a 40 year period. The REAL reason that GT is on probation.

New Rules. Schmoo Rules.

I was always a fan of Braine. The guy had the perfect combo of gross neglect, incompetence and what looked alot like greed to help keep GT down.

It's a shame to see him go. Here's to a long, drawn out search that brings someone like Bill Curry on board. A guy who -- to the best of my knowledge -- has no experience whatsoever in running or managing a $50 million organization that impacts the lives of 300 employees and student-athletes.

Good times for all.


AshevilleDawg said...

I vote for Joe Hamilton. Lil Joe can get it done. He can also serve as Associate Co-offensive Coordinator.

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