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February 24, 2006

Georgia Beats SC in Pillow Fight

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Georgia held SC to 16 first half points, and held on to win 48-47. I never thought that we would actually be able to win an SEC game while scoring less than 50 points. Bizarre.

It was a big win for Georgia because it ensures that the Bulldogs can't have a losing regular season. At worst, Georgia (15-11/5-8) would finish the season at 15-15 with a first round loss in the SEC tourney. Technically, if they went 15-15 and lost in the first round of the NIT, they could still finish sub-.500.

Anywho...they get a struggling Mississippi State on Saturday in Starkville. MSU has lost 10 of their last 12 games; however, they've won their last two at home. A win in Starkville gives UGA a legit shot at the #5 seed from the East in the tourney.

Box Score Notes:
- Georgia held the Gamecocks to 36% shooting from the field. We played outstanding defense in the first half, and the Gamecocks couldn't throw it in the ocean.

- Georgia grabbed only 5 offensive rebounds despite missing 30 shots during the game. That isn't a misprint.

- Georgia's offense continues to struggle with ball movement, player movement and structure. The team managed only 6 assists vs. 17 turnovers.

- Seven minutes into the game, the Dawgs had managed two field goals.

- We heated up a little in the second half and played better on offense, but we let our defensive intensity down.

- The crowd resembled that of a rhythmic gymnastics meet. Not much of a showing for "Dennis Felton Appreciation Night." No idea what that means or who's brain fart that was, but it wasn't a good idea.



Anonymous said...

Another box score note:

Free Throws: Georgia 1-1

Well, at least we made it.

Tennvolchamp said...

So what exactly about DF were UGA fans supposed to appreciate?
Certainly not his end-of-game management. I mean for goodness sakes, with 2.1 seconds left instead of telling everyone to go to the far end of the court, throw it in to whomever, whereas the clock will run out, he actually runs an inbound play with the ball crossing under the basket. Lo and behold, a UGA (arguably) knocks it out of bounds and USC gets the ball and a final shot.

stick jackson said...

Nope. Brophy did exactly the opposite of what he was told to do. The play called was to throw it deep or call a timeout.

Jordan said...

And why on earth did the player call a timeout? There was exactly 2.1 seconds left. He didn't have to fall out of bounds, he could've easily stayed in bounds, or dish it to the open man on his right and run the clock off. If USC could've fouled them in those 2.1 seconds then they would've had free throws w/ USC having the ball with little time left.

But since he did call a timeout, I agree with the above poster. Why in the world did Felton draw up a play, which he had plenty of time to draw up considering they just took a useless timeout, simply to dish it under our own basket?

Dan said...
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paulwesterdawg said...

Felton's "end of game management" isn't my concern. It's the entire thing that worries me.

We. Do. Not. Have. An. Offense.

Offensively, I miss the Jircuzzi.

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