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March 15, 2006

Gators to play with only 10?

Taking a page from Coach Norman Dale, We Are The Boys is reporting that pointer/starer/coach Urban Meyer may play with only ten players in the fall. Meyer threatened to eliminate the tailback position at Florida.

Meyer was quoted saying “I get very upset thinking about that position. That’s not what is expected. If that continues, we’ll play without a tailback. I’m not going to sit and watch that trash I watched last year. That’s not going to happen.”

Ref: Coach, you're a player short.
Meyer: My team is on the field.

This is an interesting motivational technique, but it is hardly original. UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley used a similar motivational technique October 1, 2005 in response to a miserable performance by threatening to eliminate the head coaching position. Foley commented, "I get very upset thinking about that position. That's not what is expected. If that continues, we'll play without a head coach. I'm not going to sit and watch that trash I watched Saturday. That is not going to happen."



tommy said...

Sounds like Urb would like bring a some of Florida hoops' Brokeback Mountain-itis to football, not that there's anything ... yada, yada, yada. Anyway, per Urban:
Meyer: “I love the interview after the Kentucky game (in Lexington a week ago). Taurean (Green) and (Joakim) Noah were talking and they said they woke up the next day and said, ‘I love you, that was a great effort.’ That’s the kind of stuff. … We’re not there yet.”

GDawg34 said...

Guess CUM finally realized maybe he shouldn't have recruited 37 WR's in one class after all... we got Knowshon even with TB, Lump and Ware ahead of em.

Good luck when half those WR's end up transferring just like your other coddled recruits/QB are already doing.

Maybe he can 'text message' some other good RB's into transferring?

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