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March 27, 2006

Lady Dawgs Lose Heartbreaker to Uconn

This season was possibly the best coaching job of Andy's career. He lost 4 girls preseason (2-3 are WNBA caliber). All were post players, and all were lost for the season. He played almost the entire season with only 6 girls getting meaningful minutes. If he went to 7 girls, it was because one of his posts was in massive foul trouble.

Last night, we were just 1 player short of advancing as the Lady Dawgs lost their Sweet 16 game by a score of 77-75 to Uconn in Bridgeport, CT.

Best of luck to the Lady Dawgs next season.



Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking but not dissapointed. I agree LANDERS deserves so much credit for the job he's done with the ladies we did'nt lose we got beat COACH said , next year this team will be back healthy and ready to battle anyone



Dawgnoxious said...

The Lady Dawgs can hold their heads high, despite the loss. They played their asses off, made their shots, and defended UConn's final shot well. I was proud of them.

Poor Andy always seems to be one player away.

Tennvolchamp said...

What a game the Lady Dawgs played. This Vol was cheering for them (I hate UConn for reasons that are probably easily understood) almost as much as I do for my Lady Vols. Had they had one player to plug in while your star had 4 fouls just so the layups would be slightly contested you'd have won. That last shot by the ugly Huskie was a prayer that was answered. Your last second shooter almost had that prayer answered.

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