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April 17, 2006

EA Sports NCAA Football 2007 Preview has the early preview of NCAA College Football 2007 from EA Sports. (hat tip to Orson). Basically, they are bringing back the momentum feature from a few years ago, and they are introducing the concept of the Spring game to help with offseason player development.

IGN is usually the first to post a great preview. If anyone sees something on IGN's site about the game, let me know.

For those who don't play...the College Football Series from EA Sports is without a doubt the greatest video game series in history for the college football fan. For a great offseason time killer, try Orson Swindle's Historically Black College Challenge (warning profanity and lots of it).

It's in the game.

Click to enlarge. A Westerdawg creation



steve said...

NCAA is the greatest game ever made. I still don't get why Auburn doesn't come out to War Eagle in it though. The Spring Game Feature should be cool only if they actually make it like the way the actual schools score it and decide the way the teams run it. For instance, Oklahoma does Offense vs. Defense. Defense gets points for all sorts of random crap. Georgia has the Red play the Black. You get the idea. I think the offseason part of the game is a lot of fun. I turned a team from a power smashmouth offense to a spread option team after one off season. Good times...

JRy said...

As for the Auburn thing, some lady owns the rights to the song and is very stingy about licensing. From what I've heard from friends, their SGA has been trying for some time to get permission to use the song in NCAA Football. So you can't blame them for not trying, they are VERY aware of the glaring omission.

steve said...

I heard that Auburn has to pay millions of dollars just to have the right to the play that annoying song. However, the video game playing an adulterated version of Glory, Glory to Old Georgia is not acceptable. Yes, I'm aware their song is "Glory, Glory to Old Auburn." I just think it's inferior, like most things at Auburn.

DAve said...

PWD: Don't know if it's an issue on your side or mine, but the Gamestop link isn't valid. It's just "http:///".

Anonymous said... has a great preview up!

Anonymous said...




paulwesterdawg said...

The bar has been set terrifically low for smack talk from WVU fans on this blog. It's now to the point that I feel the need applaud you for spelling West Virginia right.

Johnny Arrrr being the exception of course.


Anonymous said...

Lets go Big East!

Anonymous said...

yeah um i realize that west virginia won but whoever posted that they beat georgia needs to stop i mean honestly it was a year ago and who cares its not like theyre goin undefeated next year or anything because last time i checked 38 to 35 is pretty close but whatever i really don't care

WVUFAN20 said...

A few WVU fans are givin all of us WVU fans a bad name. Act like we have won something be4. Celebrate awhile, then look forward to next year. Good Luck to UGA next year.

Quint said...

You guys are so funny!
I just stumbled on this blog and I love your alternative NCAA 06 cover. I'm an Ohio State grad and there were dozens of OSU fans that also altered the cover to get that darn rodent off the cover.
Cheers to great fans with exceptional photoshop skills!

Anonymous said...

who will be ranked number one. will the ohio state univ. be number 1 becuase of there high powered offense

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