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April 11, 2006

Infamous Bama Booster Logan Young Murdered

Breaking news. Logan Young was found dead in his home. The Memphis Paper has the story.

Logan was the booster behind the Albert Means saga at Bama. The Means story first came to light in the book "Bragging Rights: A Season inside the SEC", which isn't a bad read as a college football book.

Logan Young was labelled as everything wrong with college football, and that might not be an inaccurate description. However, no one deserves such an awful fate. What a truly sad ending.

Logan Young RIP


Update: Logan Young's son questioned by homocide detectives. He has not been charged.



Dawgnoxious said...

I get the feeling this is the tip of a very ugly iceberg. I can only imagine what details are going to emerge in the next few days. My money is on this not being a random act of violence.

paulwesterdawg said...

If the rumors are true, this won't involve Bama or UT or anything really sinister from that angle.

It'll involve a family member, and it's really going to get sad at that point.


Anonymous said...

It is a little scary about what might be behind this. Reports I heard before checking here made it sound like murder, not an accident, or even heat of passion manslaughter. I am not sure if the news media doesn't know the distinctions or not, but d,jd, nobody deserves that, and I can't think of a good spin for it.

BBAdawg06 said...

Good video from this past Fall about Young.

Anonymous said...

I've got a little scoop on this -- the death was accidental. He fell down a long flight or marble steps and severely cut his head. Due to kidney trouble he was already on blood-thinners and that combination lead to his demise. He apparently staggered around and made it into a bathroom which was why blood was all over the place.

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