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April 7, 2006

Mike Davis to UAB

One of the Georgia Sports Blog's favorite coaches is Mike Davis, and it looks like he's set to become the next basketball coach of the UAB Blazers.

The developing story is here and here and here.

Davis grew up 100 miles from UAB's campus. He looks pretty young, but did you know that he was in the fourth grade before he sat in his first desegregated classroom in Fayette, Alabama? That's got nothing to do with nothing, but just something that I know.

Congrats to a good guy.

He's a great fit for UAB because he can focus on his strengths which are recruiting and coaching at a pretty solid level. He's not Bobby Knight, Coach K or John Wooden, but you don't have to be those guys to win big in Conference USA. At UAB, he can also de-emphasize some of his weaknesses such as his uneasiness in the public eye and penchant for saying the wrong thing.

If you say the wrong thing at UAB, it blows over pretty quick. Stick your foot in your mouth at IU, and it's there for months.

Honestly, I think Mike Anderson, former UAB coach, and Mike Davis are both better coaches than ours. Not that you asked.



Doug said...

I'm excited about Davis coming to Birmingham. Yeah, he has a tendency towards saying weird stuff, but look at the guy he was replacing, for Christ's sake. I'm hoping that the Blazers' string of tourney appearances will pick right up where Anderson left off, and Davis seems very capable of making that happen.

Reel Fanatic said...

I'll stand by ours, for now, but don't you get the sense, from time to time, that he might be just a little crazy? In much better news, though, did you happen to see Matthew Stafford's 64-yard TD bomb to Mikey Henderson, on his first snap at G Day .. the future is now

The College Game said...

Davis can recruit, can't coach much. 2002 run to the Finals was his moment, otherwise, he's an assistant/recruiting coordinator for life.

nico said...

I'm still kind of undecided on the hire. I'll support him as a Blazer basketball fan, but I hope he keeps things going in the right direction.

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