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April 10, 2006

Orson gives us a Tech Update

Orson Swindle of EveryDayShouldBeSaturday is the only guy covering Tech these days. Well...him and me.

Scott is on sabatical, Nathan is in a bunker somewhere and Dan is doing meme. That leaves me and Orson to bring you all the Tech news that's fit to print. Orson qualified for the gig because he got his masters in martial arts there (or something like that). I'm qualified for the gig because I've attended more GT athletic events than 90% of their alumni.

With that in mind, Orson brings us the news that The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, College Football division–-a.k.a. Georgia Tech–-loses Joe Gaston (defensive back) to injury for the year. The highlight of the article:
GT secondary-senior DB/graduation losses= Not good.

Notre Dame could feel free to equate “not good” with “400 yard day for Brady Quinn” here, and we couldn’t blame them on the face of it: Weis vs. Gailey’s like pitting Murray Gell-Mann versus Tony Siragusa in a chess match. (Only time these two will ever appear in the same sentence–ever–unless you discuss their other commonality, which is having sex with a drunken Madeleine Albright. She still calls Tony, from what we hear.)
For my money, that's one of the best paragraphs the blogosphere has seen in months.


Note: I stand corrected. from Goldtimer is still up and running and pouring out.


Dan said...

I honestly don't know what's happened to Nathan. He's been on The Hive and fairly regularly, but he's lost some of the fire for his blog apparently. I have an excuse as I'm not into college baseball, but I know that Nathan is so it's definitely surprising.

The Joe Gaston injury mirrored our basketball season for me. In that I found it too depressing to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not mentioning, which YOU KNOW is alive and well.

I can see you've visted lately.

Oh well. We all know UGA (and its fans) lie and cheat. Just more evidence.

paulwesterdawg said...

Goldtimer, I stand corrected.


Anonymous said...

Just joshing with you, really, PWD.

RW mostly just links to articles, maybe with a few comments, without the deep analysis the other Tech blogs do. So, I hope they get back into high gear also. I see one is getting more authors.

Keep up the good service you provide for the Mutt Nation.

I check your blog daily, as I find some of your stuff (even when it is about GT and not quite factually correct) amusing.

Goldtimer (

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