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April 26, 2006

Quick Hits

Several bloggers have been publishing some fine work lately, almost letting us forget how interminable is the college football off-season.

Paul Westerdawg's post on Terrence Moore's column urging the Falcons to show UGA more love generated quite a bit of discussion. Doug rose in defense of the Falcons, causing me to lose a bet that I'd never use "Falcons" and "defense" in the same sentence. [Damn you, Doug!] Doug persuasively argues the Falcons are only the sixth-most pathetic professional sports franchise. I still think the Anonymous commenter who doesn't see a link between Falcons' attendance and drafting players from local schools with large fan bases UGA is a pinhead.

It has begun. The Bringer of Doom continues to make the compelling case that each homerun hit by Barry Bonds brings the world closer to the apocalypse.

May 24, 2006: Homerun #709, Typhoon Monica, & new bin Laden tape = coincidence?

Orson Swindle defends fruity cursive in response to recent derision that the Gators' helmets are Sunkist soda bottle rip-offs. [Preview: USC's helmets = "Ritual sodomy. Condoms. Susceptible to ridiculous invasion plans"]

Finally, in a multi-part post T. Kyle King channels Nixon's Southern Strategy into collegiate athletics and presents his plan for Radical Realignment. In other words, Kyle impressively (and impropably) makes a Baylor vs. Kentucky game into compelling viewing.

Go Dawgs!



pinhead said...

guess who's back, back again, pinhead's back, tell a friend..

LOL! this is great, somehow I managed to rile up a few narrow-minded rednecks who also happen to be rabid fans for the same team as me.

funny, I spend 100x's as much on tailgating, season tix, booze and food on UGA Football as you do on this website, yet when I imply that being passionate about the Dawgs has little to nothing to do with Falcons success, I get accused of being a pinhead.

What would you say to a Titans fan that said, "hell, draft Clausen for QB!" or maybe the Steelers should only draft Panthers and Nittany Lions.

Dude, your argument is borderline moronic. Did drafting Terrance Edwards pack the house?? And you assume our position in the draft order would always be suited to pick a Dawg.

Am I a Dawg 'hater'?? heck no, are you kidding, I love that Hines won the MVP, and guess what, if he was on the 'Coons he would have been watching he Superbowl at Home. Takes more than a guy or two to win it all.

But you know what, I take it all back. You guys on GASportBlog have the draft ALL figured out. Mckay??? a boob. Parcells, total fool. I mean if these guys had any sense the Atlanta Bulldogs would have played the Dalles Long-Aggies for the NFC Champ.

Good grief, get over yourselves and anyone who might disagree with you.

Dawgnoxious said...

PH, you miss the point.
1. The link is between local players and attendance, not local players and success.
2. The Falcons did not draft Terrence Edwards. He was undrafted, and signed a free agent deal with Atlanta.
3. We are in total agreement being passionate about the Dawgs has nothing to do with Falcons success. I've been passionate about the Dawgs my whole life, and the Falcons have had little success.
4. How come I never get flamed by fastidious spellers?

ruteger said...

I don't see a real link between attendance and drafting Dawgs either. Can I be a pinhead too?

Hypothetical situation/question: Say in this year's draft, Big Max somehow slips to the Falcons' pick in the 2nd round and they take him. Then say Blue slips to their pick in the 3rd round and they take him. And then they take Minter. And then they take Shockley. And then UGA fans everywhere rejoice and rush to buy Falcons tickets. Are they going to buy the season tickets that are already sold out, or the limited number of single game tickets that sold out in minutes last year?

Second hand tickets are always an option, and UGA fans could fill some previously purchased seats for games where there isn't much a buzz (e.g. Carolina last year). But the point is: 1) Selling tickets is not problem for the Falcons now. 2) Just plain ole winning is the best thing they can do for attendance (e.g. if they'd won the game before the Carolina game), and this involves drafting the players they feel will help them win, regardless of the team they played for in college.

That being said, there are some Dawgs in this draft that could help them win, and thus could draw in a few UGA fans who think the Falcons suck and would buy a scalped ticket to keep a seat warm in between cheering for UGA players when they're in the game. We'll see if it works out.

Darth Scooter said...

Question? Did pinhead or pinhead wanna be even read the original post? Nobody said if the Falcons drafted UGA players they would sale out every game and win at least 2 out of 3 Super Bowls. All that was said is that the Falcons for whatever reason do not draft players from UGA.

"The same can't be said for Rankin Smith and crew. Drafting Boussard over Hampton, German over Hines and never making an attempt to bring the aging Walker home to ATL were the sort of moves that gave the people of this state cause for throwing things. But, it wasn't a matter of spite...just stupidity."

They have passed on players like Heinz Ward, and Terrell Davis whom they should've known at least a little about considering they play every Saturday about an hour and half from Flowery Branch. The only player mentioned who would've been brought in for the sake of selling tickets was Walker at the end of his carreer. Heck the post even says that Rich McKay has passed on Bulldogs, becasue there was nobody available at the position of need when the pick came along.

Dawgnoxious said...

Thank you for the lucidity, Darth. You're a gentleman and a scholar. I was starting to think maybe it was just me. BTW, your blog title is excellent.

ruteger said...

Pinhead wanna be read the original post, and it is pretty much dead on - the Smiths were stupid and McKay gets a pass so far.

My response is to Dawgnoxious' linking the drafting of local players for the purpose increasing attendance. My point is simple - they don't have to worry about that.

In fact, Dawgnoxious, what is your point? If Darth makes it "lucid" that all was said is the Falcons don't draft players from UGA, nothing about trying to increase attendance, what are you trying to say?

paulwesterdawg said...

Pinhead - if you're going to refer to the Falcons as "coons", you probably shouldn't call anyone else a redneck.

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