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May 16, 2006

Our Top OL recruit is heading to Hargrave

Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom!

Justin "Bean" Anderson is heading to Hargrave for at least the Fall. He didn't make the grades on his HS exit exam. Here's's story and's story.

Back in Feb, I gave our Offensive Tackle recruiting for 2006-2007 a D- with a grade of B- for 2008 and beyond. With Bean not qualifying and Geathers remaining unlikely, I have to wonder what Richt, Callaway and Garner were thinking the past 3 years. It's not like we haven't had playing time, success and momentum to offer recruits.

For all his successes, OT recruiting for Mark Richt has been a total disaster.

We have three scholarship OTs on campus right now, and they are all seniors. Their backups all look like year 3 projects, or they are headed to Hargrave. We're now a near total lock to enter 2007 with the same lack of experience along the OL that we had in 2003. Only there's no Max Jean-Gilles at OT next year.




Nathan said...

Gailey has destroyed Richt in recruiting in one area ... OL. I don't get it, AT ALL. We'll have one of the best lines in the ACC next year, and there's plenty of young talent on the roster and more incoming.

While they weren't all highly regarded in high school (Andrew Gardner was only 223lbs and a 2* player - he'll now 290lbs. and will be All-ACC this year), the staff seems to do a very good job identifying talent along the lines.

I have no clue why Georgia has failed in this one are and Tech has done so well ... it doesn't mesh with the rest of the recruiting picture at all.

Nathan said...

wow, I suck

he'll = he's

are = area

excuse the typing :(

Anonymous said...

Georgia has been reluctant or remiss in not checking out the JC ranks for some stopgap help at any position. Surely, there are some OTs out there in JC land who could come in prepared to play D1 ball or be backups until prepared. Yes, they would be two year fillers but that beats nothing!

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