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June 14, 2006

AP Football Poll: Most Weeks on Top

CollegeFootballResource has assembled a list of the teams who have spent the most weeks at No. 1 in the Associated Press college football poll (first released October 19, 1936):
Georgia has spent 14 weeks on top
Tech has spent 0 weeks on top
Northwestern, Purdue, Missouri and North Carolina have all been #1 longer than Tech. That's the sort of stat that just cracks me up. For a full list, give CFR a peek.


( 'mats headline on this one)


Wes Wolfe said...

Of course, Alabama won a few national championships before the AP poll was founded. And, in my opinion, how you finish is more important than how many weeks you spent at No. 1 (see: Southern Cal, 2005). Still, that's not a knock on Georgia. Just sayin'.

Kyle King said...

I agree with Newspaper Hack. Being ranked No. 1 during the season (particularly in September) is reflective of perception far more than reality. Virginia was ranked No. 1 during the 1990 regular season, for crying out loud. If that counts, what doesn't count?

Beyond that, I noticed that Florida had spent a fair number of weeks ranked No. 1, but that is all recent history; the Gators spent a week at No. 1 for the first time in 1985 and their regular presence in the top spot only came about in the mid-1990s. That doesn't mean U.F. wasn't good in Steve Spurrier's heyday---they were---but U.F. has far less overall tradition than some schools with fewer weeks at No. 1.

It was an interesting aside, but that's all it was.

Anonymous said... has two more champs. than uga...and that's all the world remembers!!!haha eat it up!in fact i'd wouldn't be telling anyone that i'd been on top 14 more times than someone else and had two less champs!!!! how pitifull!

Unknown said...

GT has never won an undisputed championship in any sport. Ever.

The 1917 and 1928 were mostly awarded by historians. Not real polls. Per this link on the NCAA's site

The ONLY poll to award GT a national title in 1956 is the Berryman poll. The Berryman Poll is computer generated poll who's site looks like it was designed by a 4th grader. It's the football equivalent of a science project. They again gave MNCs out historically. Not at the time.

The 1951 and 1952 GT national titles are a joke. UT was the winner in virtually every recognized poll of 1951. In 1952, Michigan State was recognized by 12 polls. GT was again awarded a title both years by the Berryman site listed above. In other words, some professor's research project turned home page named GT as champ along with other obscure secret societies.

They build their tradition off that? LOL!

The closest thing to a legit national title that GT has gotten was 1990, and they demanded a great deal of respect for their teams in '28 and '17. But they're hardly undisputed.

UGA flies banners for 2 titles. Both are consensus. And both awarded by people who actually watched them play.

Of course computers are going to love GT. That's like saying does a son love his father?


Anonymous said...

Hey Stupid bug!,
Why don't you go out and get a stamp made that said "owned" by UGA on it. Then stamp it to your forehead (which in your case is your backside). That's about the extent of GT doing anything getting owned.

Anonymous said...

ok, just remember that we're ahead of uga in two mag. that feature the top 100 FOOTBALL programs ever!!! street and smith's and sporting news! and they were'nt created by 4th graders!

Unknown said...

I always tell people..."Guess which fan base has the most illiterate gibberish smack talk on my site."

Most folks guess "Auburn." The really funny friends guess "Georgia fans."

And I tell them no. CONSISTENTLY it's Tech fans. It's not even close.

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