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June 8, 2006

Crazy Preachers, Baseball and Underrated Football Teams

The AJC's Carter Strickland had a quasi-funny article comparing the State of South Carolina to Georgia in the context of the two baseball match-ups. UGA vs. SC and GT vs. CoC.

Non-Sports, but hysterically funny and true -- The MZone looks at "Pat Robertson: Man of God and Man of Steel." The article talks about Pat Robertson's claim of....wait for it....leg pressing 2,000 pounds. No seriously, this is a must read.

While the MZone was at it, they posted this gem about the infamous Britney Spears statue.

They also tipped us off to an article we missed regarding's Most Underrated and Overrated Teams in College Football. We come in as the 5th most underrated team.

Lastly, updates us on the MLB draft as it relates to our guys. Best of all, Josh Morris was drafted by the Braves. (yeah, I know this is yesterday's news. I'm slow what can I say.)



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