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June 2, 2006

Friday Morning Rundown

A couple of worthy uses of your time this morning:

A preview of the NCAA Regional in Athens this weekend.

AJC profiles three SEC QB recruiting sensations Mitch Mustain, Tim Tebow, and of course Matt Stafford. The article says Urban Meyer thinks Tebow deserves playing time this year, while Richt is "still evaluating" the situation. Sure he is.

SEC coaches continue to object to the new NCAA rule allowing players to transfer without sitting out a year if they have completed their undergraduate studies and received their diploma. The rule has been the scourge of the SEC summer meeting in Destin. Barring a repeal of the rule, the SEC schools are expected to close a conference rule loophole that prohibits accepting transfers unless they have two years of eligibility remaining so they can "be on the same playing field as everybody else". I'm on the fence with this one. I'd hate to see the Dawgs lose a guy in his fifth year of eligibility, but the thought of Ronnie Brown leaving Auburn high and dry is unspeakably rich schadenfreude.

Orson's Ten Things We'd like to Hear Brent Musberger Say is funny. A preview: You’re looking live…at my fat white ass! (shaking exposed buttocks) Jiggledy jiggledy doo, America!

Finally, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Kyle King previews the previewers.

[The image, Athlon's. The analysis, the Mayor's]


jonathantu said...

Either that was a Watchmen reference, a shout out to Juvenal or (and I hope not) a nod to Dan Brown's Digital Fortress.

Either way, panem et circenses appear to be coming for a home and home series.

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