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June 9, 2006

Lisa Simpson said it best...

Homer: "Honey, I promise, when you grow up you can go to the finest school there South Carolina."

Lisa: "Owww, I will NOT be a Gamecock!"

We hear you Lisa. But in case you change your mind, the Gamecocks have offered you a scholarship. Bless their little chicken hearts.



Anonymous said...

bad link on the Lisa thing...or is that the joke?

Anonymous said...

to bad usc just beat the hell out of uga!!!!!! it's all about when it counts!!!!haha

paulwesterdawg said...

we were 19-0 before today. Looks like even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually.

Anonymous said...

it counted today too, didnt it? HAHA

Anonymous said...

It is, Anonymous 6/10 8:25, all about when it counts, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Tonight, when you sleeping, I'm gonna sneak into your room, and I'm gonna shit in your mouth.

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