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June 22, 2006

Teams with availability for UGA's 2007 opener

From Mike Floyd
Long-time Publisher of a great Dawg e-Newsletter

PWD Note: Yesterday afternoon, it was discussed the Miami is set to play Oklahoma in 2007. During that discussion, we mentioned that UGA still has an open date for the 2007 season opener. Below is Mike's response to that note.

According to my research using, the window of opportunity is closing rather quickly. The following programs still have an opening for the 2007 opener, but many are sure to demand a return trip that we might or might not be willing to grant.
Arizona is open, but the rest of the PAC 10 is already booked up.

Minnesota is open, but the rest of the Big 10 (11) is full.

In the ACC, both Maryland and NC State are available.

In the Big East, both Boston College and Louisville have openings. I know we've spoken to Boston College within the past year, but don't know the details.

In the Big 12, both aTm and Texas are open, but - much like Georgia - there aren't any openings for a return in the next few years and they'd be sure to demand one.

Among major opponents from lesser conferences, there's a choice of Boise (again), BYU and Southern Miss.
We need to hurry if a major conference team is our goal.

Mike Floyd

Note from PWD: Back in May, the Athens Banner-Herald said that we were talking to Oregon about a series possibly starting in 2014, but we're not in discussions with them about 2007. That was two separate rumors.


Chris said...

Out of those choices:

1. Texas
2. A&M
3. BC
4. Louisville
5A. Maryland
5B. NC State
7. Minnesota
8. Arizona
9. BYU
10. So. Miss

I would guess our best chances are with BC, Louisville or BYU/So. Miss

Dave said...

Great work Mike. You did what I've thought about doing but never got around to it. I'd be OK if we played any of those teams except maybe Southern Miss. Obviously Texas would be awesome, but as long as we don't play some 1-AA or Sun Belt conference team then I'm fine with any of those teams. Also did the negotiations fall through with Cincinnati for a 2/1 series (2 in Athens/ 1 in Cincy)? A friend told me they did, but I never saw anything on the net.

Dante said...

I think Chris' list is right on the money. Who do we have to payoff and cancel to get a Texas home and away? That would be sweet. Isn't there some IAA team on our 2008 home schedule we can kick to the curb? Isn't that why we schedule some IAA teams so early?

Anonymous said...

Boston College is in the ACC, not the Big East.

Spartanburg Dawg said...

You're right about BC, of course....hey, old habits die hard...I still struggle with the NFL Cardinals being Arizona instead of St. Louis!

paulwesterdawg said...

I think Joe Cox might have to play OT next year the depth chart is so sad. (kidding)

But seriously, why would we start the season next year with a "Ben Hur" game like Texas given the position we'll be in.

I'm all for Texas down the road. But next year, would be a beating.


Chris said...

meh, Im sure we will recruit like six Orlando Pacesque OTs this spring, thus no worries. ;)

Sure, UT doesnt make sense and wouldnt happen, but Id just like to see us start to schedule such games (which I think we are).

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