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July 29, 2006

Birmingham News on "" Sites

I'm linking ot this mostly because DawgNeil is interviewed as part of the story on " sites." He owns He's a big Richt fan who purchased the site to prevent someone else from purchasing it.
Some owners bought sites to avoid criticism. Georgia fan William Neilson, a 23-year-old studying law in Austria, started paying $20 a year for after the Zook site became popular in 2002.

"Richt was coming off an eight-win season and I had a sneaking suspicion somebody would buy it," Neilson said. "I've gotten hundreds of death threats. It's really kind of scary. It's like, read the site, people."

The only words on Neilson's site: "Fire Richt? Why? He is the best thing to happen to this program since Herschel Walker. KEEP MARK RICHT!"
I'm linking to this b/c DawgNeil is also CajunDawg. The guy that uploaded almost all of the "Bulldog Moments of Zen" Video to YouTube.

Other FireCoach Sites:We've got it good.



nico said...

The "Fire Mike Shula" site is clearly the work of an Auburn or Tennessee fan.

Anonymous said...

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