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September 22, 2006

Colorado Q&A with Publisher

Below is an interview with Adam Munsterteiger, publisher of (part of the network). He was nice enough to take a few minutes and talk about the game with us.

Ralphie might be needed to start on defense. - PWD

PWD: What are you expecting this week?
Adam: Most likely it will be ugly. One of the nation's best defenses going against one of the nation's worst offensive teams. Colorado has improved week to week, and at some point they will turn the corner. Arizona State isn't exactly known for their defense, and they held Colorado to 3 points.

PWD: Is the talent as bad as the record.
Adam: On offense, "Yes." On defense, "No." This defense has the talent of a 2-1 team. Their front seven is very solid. You have to understand that Gary Barnett's last three recruiting classes were ranked in the bottom half of the Big 12. The team needs to recruit more playmakers.

Buffalo running back Hugh Charles (Image: Orlando Sentinel)

PWD: Does the team have any hidden strengths?
Adam: Hugh Charles had about 850 yards rushing last year, but he was a non-factor in the first two games because of injuries. He broke out last week against ASU with 109 yards rushing and 30 yards receiving. He looks like a small, scatback but he's strong. He's also a 4.3 guy and a true playmaker. He provides a glimmer of hope.

How are the fans dealing with the season?
Adam: Fans hit rock bottom with the loss to Div I-AA Montana State in terms of morale. The combination of the scandals, recruiting problems, and the Texas and Nebraska blowout losses were tough. Despite those problems expectations were higher because Hawkins is so electric and creates so much excitement. The Montana State loss was definitely rock bottom.

"They won't dare Georgia to pass." (Image:

In 2005, Boise State put 9 men within 6 yards of the line of scrimmage and dared UGA to pass. Is CU doing that this year under Hawkins?
Adam: No. It's more balanced. They do a good job of stopping the run, but the defensive backs are suspect. Even with a freshman quarterback, they won't dare Georgia to pass.

How does Colorado win this game? Turnovers?
Adam: Arizona State turned it over 4 times last week, and Colorado only scored three points. Colorado has a huge challenge on their hands. They have to play lights out, and Georgia has to really struggle.

PWD: What's the tone of the team?
Adam: Lots of people outside of the program assume they're on a suicide watch. That's not the case. They are still a pretty confident group with a lot of fight left in them. They feel like they can compete with an SEC team, and a few losses won't rattle them. (Note: My note taking fell apart on this question. But his point was the team has dealt with so much adversity from the Barnett situation and the scandals that this isn't an insurmountable challenge mentally. And frankly, I agree with that.)

Drew Davis (left) and Ryan Miller (right) - Images:

How is recruiting coming?
Adam: They have 10 commits, and if you look at their star rating it looks like Barnett's classes. However, there are some big guys left out there. In particular, they are in on the Top 2 recruits in state -- Ryan Miller (OT) and Drew Davis (WR). Colorado has lost to many in state guys for to many years. If they can land both of these guys, the perception in the state would be huge. This is shaping up to be a good class. (PWD Note: Miller is's #2 OT nationally. EVERYONE wants this kid.)

I want to thank Adam for his time. As I said earlier, if Georgia comes in awake and ready we'll cover the 24-27 point spread. If we sleep walk into this thing with our normal 12:30 early kickoff lax attitude, these guys will give us a serious scare. The thing with a program like Colorado that's used to some success (they won the Big 12 North 4 of the past 5 years despite all the off field distractions), is they are a PROUD program. And proud programs can bow up, bear down and give you a game in any situation.

I'm really looking forward to this game.



Anonymous said...

"If we sleep walk into this thing with our normal 12:30 early kickoff lax attitude, these guys will give us a serious scare."

Is that you Coach P.W. Dooley? We can be wayyyy down and not get a scare thrown at us by this team. But we won't be down; too many guys still trying to compete for jobs for us to be too far down. Dawgs eat Bison steak and a lot of it.

Jmac said...

Colorado will get better in time. Hawkins' offense is so quirky and complex, it's going to take a little bit of time to get it down. Once he gets some athletes in the program, he can get Colorado back to its winning ways with some 8-3 and 9-2 records.

Anonymous said...

I will admit it. I am an idiot. Thank Dawg for Joe Cox. Didn't Wally Cox do the voice for Underdog? Maybe Joe is some distant kin. He sure saved the day.

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