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September 22, 2006

I'm Georgia Video

My internet skills are apparently teh suxorz so I can't figure out how to embed the video on this page. Or I would have.

Anyway, here is The Who's Baba O'Reilly UGA Pre-Game Video. Ideally, someone will tell me that it's impossible to embed that flash/shockwave file here....or they send me a word doc with the HTML in it so I can just cut and paste. ;-)

And to quote my good friend Liquid Courage on the "I'm Georgia" program:
"You can't stir a drink with a towel."


Liquid Courage said...

Don't you think it is ironic that, with all of the anti-drinking initiatives UGA has in place, we have "Teenage Wasteland" as the song for this video?

Bobby K said...

That video is great right up until they start peddling those towels. What a momentum killer.

parker said...
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parker said...

The towel and campaign is so stupid. The video was much better last year, especially with the line "WE'RE ALL WASTED" leading into kickoff. I guess Mikey did not approve that message.

Anonymous said...

oye ve. that was like watching my overserved uncle dance at my wedding. awkward and painful for everyone involved. great video except for the uber-whiteguy-got-no-rythm towel hawking.

terrible, just terrible.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Y'all need to get off of your damn high horses. Chances are that if you're visiting this blog and commenting on it, then the "I'm Georgia" campaign isn't directed at you.

Anything that can get just a few more people in Sanford to stand up and make some noise is fine by me. I think it's cheesy, but hey whatever helps the team.

Continue to support the Dawgs in whatever way you see appopriate, and remember that the most important thing on gamedays is united vocal support.

Go Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Hey...where are all the guys from earlier in the week who kept bragging about how great the SEC is?? Do great teams demonstrate that by almost losing to 0-3 teams? Yeah, Georgia is a real power house. The SEC east is very, very strong. Right.

Good thing they didn't play Montana State...they would have lost.

Liquid Courage said...

Anon at 3:48....been here all week. Great teams play for the full 60 minutes and find a way to win- that's what happended yesterday afternoon. The Buffs played for the Big 12 title last year- there IS talent on the roster and, as they displayed, a LOT of pride. They had a great game plan and executed well, BUT- the Dawgs got it done when a lot of lesser teams would not have.

LumberDawg said...

Oddly, Talley got a MUCH louder ovation from the crowd than Magill and King on Saturday. I miss the days when we had fans who appreciated our history.

That's not meant to be a knock on Talley, but rather as praise of King and Magill. They define the term 'Damn Good Dawgs'.

One Dawg said...

Hey Hobnail: Given that we're returning a crap-ton of season ticket requests, I don't think there is any need to market to people who aren't already "all in" at $1000s per season.

Especially for $6.95 per towel.

It's stupid. It doesn't help the team any more than me wearing a red shirt and getting a FREE shaker at the gate does.

It's weak. Period.

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