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September 8, 2006

Reason #1 Why Joe Tereshinski III is a Damn Good Dawg

Joe T and Stafford vs. WKU - Photo by Jim Hipple

Joe Tereshinski and Matt Stafford are pushing each other like crazy for the starting QB job at UGA. Evehywhere Joe T looks he sees another article talking about "it's just a matter of time before Stafford takes his job." This blog included.

And despite all of that, when Stafford throws his first TD pass who is there to give him props...yep Joe T. Damn Good Dawg.

Here is what Doug of HeyJennySlater said about Joe T when I showed him this picture yesterday afternoon.
'Shinski strikes me as the kind of guy who, if one of his buddies got jumped in a bar or on a dark street somewhere by a couple guys, would do everything short of ripping off his own arm and beating the assailants with it to protect his friend. Loyal, maybe just a little bit crazy, but definitely loyal. And a fighter to the end. May sound like a backhanded comment but it's the kind of thing you don't see as much as you used to in college football, where these days every starting player on a top-25 team seems to fancy himself a celebrity.
No matter what happens with the QB depth chart, Joe Tereshinski is a damn good dawg.

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Anonymous said...

JT is a DGD. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Seriously. I wish people would quit bad-mouthing him and being so mean. JT is doing his best and no one should fault him for that. I hope he leads us to victory Saturday and Stafford plays but is not needed to win. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

you hate to say it, but there is a difference between jt the QB and jt the teammate. Awesome loyalty and all that, but that's not what wins games. trahern holden is loyal, but he won't win games for you.

same thing for jason johnson and a host of others.

talent and coaching win games, not loyal foot soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guy, whoever you are. No matter what kind of talent you have on the field, you don't win without heart. Joe T has heart. From last week... take out three drops, a couple of tips and one protection break down and Joe T would have had 3-4 TD passes and over 150 yds. Give the kid some support...he deserves it.

Also just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers for the Original Junkyard Dawg...Erk Russell. You'll be missed Coach.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a copy of the Sports Illistrated from 1976 or 77 with the picture of the "original Junkyard Dawgs" on the cover. The seniors of the team that were the 1976 SEC Champs. Thanks for any help.

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