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September 13, 2006

Stories from Tuesday's Press Conference

“I think [Inman's] going to be snarling out there like a little razorback,” said defensive lineman Ray Gant, a veteran of several practice field tangles with Inman. “He’s probably already drooling. I think he’s going to pick somebody up and slam them on their head. Big Dan’s hungry, man. He’s angry and nasty. He’s always angry and nasty, but he hasn’t played in a while so he’s even that much more nastier.” - interview

Big stories from Tuesday include:Other stores from beyond the press conference include a Q&A with Rodney Garner and The Stafford Era Begins (both



Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor sucka that has to line up opposite Mr. Inman, and for that matter, next week when Mr. Ellerbe gets back, well, no one deserves that... ;-)

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