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November 12, 2006

BCS Standings Are Out

The standings have been leaked a few hours early. This appears to be the official PDF. Someone found a link to it. I found the link on a Boise Message Board. I'm not abiding by their embargo b/c they didn't media creditial me to start with.

Update: the official sites have the info now too.

Interesting notes:
1. Rutgers is #2 in the computer polls. They are #6 in the BCS. Given their #7 an #8 rating in the human polls AND given that several of the teams above them still have to play each other....they still have an outside shot at the title game.

2. Boise is a lock for the BCS now as long as they win out. They made the Top 12. Plus, Wake, GT and Maryland are all ranked below them. BSU gets a BCS slot as long as they are rated ahead of the eventual ACC champ, which seems likely.

3. Boise making the BCS hurts UGA because it makes it dramatically harder for two SEC teams to participate in the BCS. OSU/Michigan Loser gets 1 at-large spot. Notre Dame gets an at-large spot. Boise now gets an at-large spot, and like it or not the Big East likely gets a 2nd slot. Music City Bowl here we come.

4. The winner of the Southern Cal vs. Notre Dame game is the heavy, heavy front runners for the "other" title game slot. Arkansas, if they run the table, is a longer shot than Rutgers given that Rutgers has more pollster wiggle room.

More thoughts later.


Anonymous said...

If we beat Tech I think we'll be in the Peach. If Florida wins the SEC, Arkansas will likely go to the Cotton, LSU to the Capital One, and Auburn to the Outback because they played Wisconsin last year and the Badgers will be in the Capital One. And from what I hear from an inside source, the Peach does not want Tennessee again, which means they could drop to the Music City. If Arkansas wins the SEC, Florida will likely get the Orange meaning 2 BCS teams from the SEC and everyone moves up a bowl. Of course there's still a lot of football to be played and as we saw this weekend, anything can happen. And if Kentucky manages to upset Tennessee, they will be 8-4 and that would screw everything up, too.

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