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November 1, 2006

More on the OL recruiting situation

Where have you gone, Max Jean-Gilles,
Dawgnation turns it's lonely eyes to you.
What's that you say, Mrs. Kiper.
Pancake Max has left and gone away,
Hey hey hey.

Yesterday, I posted some thoughts on the absurdity of our OL situation for next year. Others are running similar articles. Steve Patterson of talks about how we got so thin at offensive line. Dean Legge does an article about the OL concerns for next year.

Dean's article references a Juco name that I don't remember seeing recently. He says that Coffeyville (KS) Community College offensive guard Joe Blaes will visit Athens in November. While has a photo feature on Juco OL Vince Vance.

All of these articles were prompted by true freshman offensive tackle John Miller getting booted from the program.



KirkwoodDawg said...

Joe Blaes is the answer to our O line problems!! Blaes is a 2 star prospect with interest from Oklahoma State, Central Michigan, Tulsa, and Utah state, and no scholarship offers from any of them. Yeah for Joe Blaes!

Richt better make some coaching changes this year starting with Callaway!

C. Paul said...

I'm not as concerned about his "stars" as whether or not he had any lingering or existing shoulder problems. Only with that information would I consider him "Dawg worthy".

Go Dawgs!!

paulwesterdawg said...

I wasn't making a value judgement on Blaes as much as just saying that he's coming for a visit.

Anonymous said...

I am really not one for firing coaches because of one bad season, but this whole OL mess has really peeved me. This is quite simply a man not doing the job he is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. Yes, injuries can't really be predicted, but the likelihood of them can, and not having the depth to handle them simply because linemen all over the SE don't stack up to what Calloway looks for is horse manure. Especially since it seems more likely that Calloway actually rather recruit "project" linemen anyway.This isn't a one year thing either. This is the result of absolutely crappy recruiting over multiple years. At the very least, his autonomy needs to be GONE, and if he doesn't like it, show him the door. There are plenty of other very good OL coaches waiting for their chance.

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