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November 3, 2006

Scouting Kentucky

Kyle King at has his UK preview up:The whole thing is worth it just for the It's a Wonderful Life reference. Kyle King is the richest man in town.



Anonymous said...

It is time to let Willie Martinez find a new job. There is no excuse for the way the defense is playing at this moment short of bad coaching.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just the defense, it isn't just the offense, and it isn't just the special teams. This whole team quite simply ISN'T good. All fans are going to have to face it and deal with it.

RocketDawg58 said...

Surely I am sleeping and someone is about to wake me up from the nightmare that is UGA football this year. I cannot believe what I just heard on the radio. How is it that we are utterly incapable of stopping anyone in the 4th Quarter when they are driving to win or tie the game? How Willie? Let me hear your excuse on this one. Furious doesn't even begin to explain how I feel right now. If Andy Bailey has a scholorship on Monday then someone should be shot. How can you be a kicker at a Divison I school and miss 2FG and a friggin PAT?? HOW? Larry made the comment that UK was eating up our corners just like Colorado did, gee maybe is that because Willie Martinez hasn't adjusted his defense AT ALL in 6 weeks??? SOMEONE has to be held accoutable for this debacle that this season has turned into. Even in the underacheiving Donnan years we didn't lose to Vandy and UK. This is pathetic, I don't know if its scheme or coaching or motivation or the fact that we are just not talented. Damn I hate losing to SEC doormats. We are next to LAST in the SEC East Standings and we lost to the last place team. Utter and complete frustration and disgust now....

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