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November 17, 2006

Thoughts are with the Michigan Family

Sadly Bo Schembechler has passed on the eve of the biggest regular season Michigan game in decades. He would've really enjoyed tomorrow. Vince Dooley's statement is online at

For a Dawg fan, this would be the equivalent of losing Dooley and Herschel on the same day. Bo is Michigan. Brian Cook of MGoBlog has some nice words on the situation.



Anonymous said...

Dawg bless Bo and Michigan. The men of his time that helped make college football so great are slowly but surely leaving us.

Anonymous said...

Listening to 680 this PM, Kincaid was whining about all the coverage Bo's death was getting from, well, everyone, but especially ESPN. His quote: "It's not like he was a head of state or anything." Kincaid is a ninny and here's why: almost everyone can name who the UM coach was in 1969-1989, but I bet hardly anyone can name who Michigan's governors were - any of them - in the same time period. No, he wasn't a head of state, and I guess that's point. RIP, Coach.

Xon said...

I sympathize as well. But why do we have to throw in Herschel along with Dooley to get one Bo? That seems a bit much...

If we lost Dooley the day before the Cocktail Party, or before Tech, I think the situation would be exactly analogous. No need to add #34 to the mix.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Couldn't agree more Xon.

RIP, Bo.

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