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December 19, 2006

Chan Gailey gets Contract Extension is reporting that Gailey earned a 1 year contract extension. Per the ESPN article:
Hip-hip-hooray, for example, for Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey. Even coming off season-ending losses to rival Georgia and to Wake Forest in the ACC title game, Tech's Toyota Gator Bowl bid activated an "extension bonus" in Gailey's contract that tacks an additional year onto his new five-year deal. That's a nice holiday perk, considering Gailey made nearly $1.2 [million] already this fall. He also collects a $25,000 postseason bonus, along with 10 tickets for family and friends to Georgia Tech's Jan. 1 game against West Virginia.
Interestingly, the contract makes no mention of whether or not the tickets come with the matching 10 hot dogs and 10 Cokes.

(Image: Someone should bring the sign on the right when they do the press conference for Gailey's new deal)

In other coaching news, lets us know that Boston College (Jeff Jagodzinski) and Stanford (Jim Harbaugh) have named their new head coaches. Sorry Dawg fans, Al Borges is still at Auburn.



all school said...

Tech's original extension offer included 25 Gator Bowl tickets for Coach Gailey, but he was able to negotiate it down to just 10. He was actually looking to get it down to zero, but they really hardballed him.
Personally, I thought he'd already suffered enough this year, but the Tech athletic board didnt agree.

Rumor has it that what he REALLY wanted was 10 tickets to the Peach Bowl. Even upper deck end zone seats would have sufficed.

Also, D Rad is throwing in a free subscription to ESPN Magazine, but he's keeping the ESPN mp3 player.

Anonymous said...

Having Borges at Auburn really doesn't bother me as a UGA fan. Not that I don't respect him. But because Tubberville has shown a great ability to assess and hire excellent coaches when he sustains a loss. I think this is his real talent and success as a head coach.

But since Borges has been applying for head coaching positions, I guess I feel bad for him that no one has given him a shot yet. I wonder if he suffers a little from the "image" thing that kept Ralph Friedgen from being an HC sooner?

DawgByte said...

LOL Gailey gets rewarded for losing 6IAR to UGA. Brilliant! I love those propeller heads.

DawgByte said...

LOL - Gailey gets a contract extension for losing 6IAR to UGA. Brilliant! I love those propeller heads.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would Stanford hire Jim Harbaugh over Borges? Borges must be banging his head against a wall just thinking about it. It would be one thing to lose the job to someone like Norm Chow, but Harbaugh? Worst coaching hire of the year.

Anonymous said...

Stanford is funny about their athletics. They want to win, and in a lot of different sports they do win, but when it comes to football, they seem to want to win a certain way, what ever that is. Harbaugh must embody that way, because there's no doubt in my mind that Borges could coach circles around Harbaugh.

Anonymous said...

Hip-hip-hooray indeed!

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